Race Director Certification

Restructured Race Director Certification Program

From the USA Cycling Update: At the end of 2013, several constituent groups met and had the chance to discuss the race director education program. From that feedback, the race director education program has been restructured to better fit the needs and interests of our members while helping to raise the quality and safety level of USA Cycling sanctioned events.

Race director license structure

The Race Director license is being split into two types for 2015. As detailed below, anyone listed as a club contact or club race director will receive a complimentary club race director license for the remainder of that year upon certification. This club race director license will allow that individual to permit events only under that club. Race directors that wish to permit events under their own name must purchase a stand-alone race director license.

Race directors that purchase a stand-alone race director license will receive one free webinar per annual race director license, and each two-year license will include two free webinars. The stand-alone race director license is intended for individuals who are managing events as a profession to ensure those individuals are held to standards across the board. As such, race director licenses are not considered active at purchase until the member has passed the level C certification and will be unable to permit an event until that certification is achieved.

Level C certification

For 2015, a Level C certification will be required for anyone permitting a competitive event with a sponsoring club. While this change will require all race directors to pass the Level C certification test, it will not cost any club race director any additional money.

Level C certification is currently available for free to everyone through their USA Cycling account. Further, all club contacts and listed club race directors will receive a complimentary club race director license upon completion of the Level C certification. This will allow everyone within a club involved in event management to have basic event safety training at no cost to them or the club.

The Level C curriculum will now include two new sections: risk management and medical planning. These will increase the amount of safety related information at this certification level to make all events safer nationwide.

Anyone who completes the Level C certification prior to December 31, 2014 will have their certification extended until December 31 of 2016 to help ease this change in policy. At first while we transition our databases, you will see certification ending on December 31 of 2015, but this will be changed to December 31 of 2016 on November 1 of this year.

Another change to the Level C certification is the lowered requirement of five (5) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) when a race director’s certification is due to expire. Two (2) of the CEUs will be required safety trainings, two (2) must be USA Cycling produced, and one (1) can be any event management education the race director wishes. Free options will be available to licensed race directors, further reducing the cost to recertify in two years.

Level B certification

The mid-tier Level B certification will now be available online through webinars to Level C certified race directors, going beyond the basics to include topics ranging from business best practices to risk management and incident protocol. We are offering this certification online to save race directors money and time by allowing them to move through the course on their own time, at their own speed, and in their own home.

The topics covered in Level B certification webinars will be course design, working with stakeholders, communication, volunteer management, business of event management, risk management, crisis management, medical event planning, RaceClean, and sponsorship. Through this curriculum race directors will learn strategies to create better events and in time increase the number of return racers year after year.

A Level B or National/International certified race director will have access to several benefits identified through a 2014 race director survey. These include an additional $0.10/transaction online registration rebate as part of the new volume-based year-end rebate available to race directors, a listing on USA Cycling’s website, access to the online race director association, and free online education identified by the survey. We are also exploring other financial benefits for Level B and National/International race directors to be announced in the future. 

The first webinar of the Level B curriculum was released on July 23 and the next webinar will be held on August 6. The webinars will be released monthly and will also be available through an archived recording for those unable to attend the live webinar.

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