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We would like to get word to race organizers and promoters about some things that would help on their flyers.

  • List  physical address for each event for users of GPS,  Google Maps, Mapquest, etc.
  • The flyer needs to show that the event is being held under USA Cycling Permit or that the USA Cycling permit is pending. We will post a link to the "official/final" event flyer that is listed on the USA Cycling website once it is available there. In some cases and by exception only, will we post an event flyer that is not yet approved or in a pending status and not available elsewhere (Usually only if the event is within a couple of weeks of the current date and or the permit was delayed for some reason). The event flyer must be approved by the CCA Permit Coordinator.
  • If it is determined that an event flyer is to be posted to the CCA website because of short notice event or other reasons, the flyer submitted to upload the the CCA website should be in PDF format and if possible optimized not to exceed 500 kb in size.
  • Make sure flyers are finalized before asking for them to be uploaded. We have had quite a few changes to flyers (some small like sponsors and some larger).
  • We prefer that you upload or link your flyer in the USA Cycling website and provide us that link.
  • The flyers must be the same at all online locations. This means, if you upload or link a flyer on USA Cycling and send us an updated version, you are responsible to submit the update to USA Cycling as soon as possible.
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